[mrtg] Re: Disk Drive Size

Charles Gillanders charles at toucan.ie
Tue Jul 27 11:11:31 MEST 1999

I have similar problems to you regarding the maxbytes value that I just
can't figure out,
it seems as if maxbytes has been defined in mrtg as an integer and won't set
any higher than maxint which on my system is approx 4Gig.

I have got something that seems to make the value show up as Gigabytes on
the graph and the stats lines. I use the following specifications in my conf
file, I kinda worked these out by trial and error so don't quote me on any
of them.

Options[Skellig.Disk]: gauge,integer,noinfo
ShortLegend[Skellig.Disk]: Bytes
MaxBytes1[Skellig.Disk]: 3815
MaxBytes2[Skellig.Disk]: 52097
kMG[Skellig.Disk]: ,,M,G

If you find a better solution or find one to the maxbytes problem I would
love to know.


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How can I specify to use Gbytes on a Disk Drive that
is being monitored by mrtg.
The response from the snmpd is 5,000,000 which is 
actually 5 Gbytes.
I also have the problem in that I cannot specify
17059560000 as the MaxBytes Value ( 17 Gbyte Drive )
Anyone care to share how they have achieved this ?


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