[mrtg] NT 4 MRTG Install

Hendricks, Mark D. hendricksm at acad-comp.humboldt.edu
Tue Jul 27 22:32:41 MEST 1999

I am attempting to initially configure MRTG on an Alpha running NT4.

As per the NT instructions, I downloaded MRTG (2.8.6) and changed the main::
OS to = NT.

I downloaded  the latest version of Active Perl for the Alpha from Active
State, Checked
to verify that the path to Perl was in the System "environment".

I placed Rateup.exe in the MRTG-28.6 directory, and attempted to create the
mrtg.cfg file by typing perl cfgmaker public at my device ip >mrtg.cfg.

C:\MRTG\MRTG-28.6>perl cfgmaker public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx >mrtg.cfg
Can't open perl script "cfgmaker": No such file or directory

I noticed that there is no "cfgmaker" file in the mrtg-28.6 directory, but
that there is a "cfgmaker" file in the run directory.

C:\MRTG\MRTG-28.6>c:\perl\bin\perl c:\mrtg\mrtg-28.6\run\cfgmaker
public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>c:\mrtg\mrtg-2
ERROR: Can't find location of cfgmaker executable
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at c:\mrtg\mrtg-28.6\run\cfgmaker line

There is a "cfgmaker.pl" file in the mrtg-28.6/contrib/cfgmaker/
directory, so I tried that.

c:\mrtg\mrtg-28.6\contrib\cfgmaker\cfgmaker.pl  public at xxx.xxx.xxx.
xxx >mrtg.cfg
Can't locate SNMP_Session.pm in @INC (@INC contains: c:/Perl/lib
c:/Perl/site/lib .) at

c:\mrtg\mrtg-28.6\contrib\cfgmaker\cfgmaker.pl line 15.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
c:\mrtg\mrtg-28.6\contrib\cfgmaker\cfgmaker.pl line 15.

The perl path statement has forward, not back slashes, but I am at a loss

I followed the directions exactly as printed in the Windows NT Guide to

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  MRTG would be an awesome tool for
my organization.


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