[mrtg] Re: Available OIDs for NT

Khurram Farhan Hassan khassan at aster.com.pk
Wed Jul 28 19:16:49 MEST 1999


The ftp.shellserv.com site will give you basic NT monitoring stuff in the
perfm.zip package. This alongwith the NT reskit utilities should get you
started. But if you want it for Exchange as well, you are on your own. There
was a post in this list about an exchange mib a few days ago, but it
conflicts with the monitoring you get with perfm.zip. In any case, you would
have to compile the mib and load it into NT to get it to work . I have not
been able to get it to work, but that is just me. Maybe someone in this list
will shed more light on how to get Exchange monitoring in addition to what
you get with the perfm.zip package.


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> Chris,
> Check the archives cited at the bottom of this message for "perfm" or
> "shellserv".  Go to ftp://ftp.shellserv.com.  Get the NT Server Resource
Kit, it
> has MIBs and some SNMP utilities.
> ms

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