[mrtg] cisco2900

Leif Neland leifn at neland.dk
Wed Jul 28 19:40:17 MEST 1999

We had a cisco 2900(?) 24*10Mb/s+2*100Mb/s switch, and mrtg worked nicely
with a autogenerated cfg.

Now it got replaced with a 2900 25*100Mb switch.
An autogenerated config now only shows a working VLAN graph, all the other
graphs are just showing 34B/s with only a few notches.

Take a look at http://mrtg.neland.dk

I'm running 2.7.x, I couldn't get 2.8.5 to compile even when I had
installed gd and zlib.

Do I need to specify a special "snmp-adress"? (Can't remember the proper
name for an item like, which can appear on


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