[mrtg] Summing output from different hosts in MRTG 2.2.8

John Shaver JShaver at WSGC.com
Wed Nov 3 00:18:18 MET 1999


I am trying to create a graph comparing the sum of the output traffic from 2
web hosts to the the sum of the output traffic from two other web hosts.  Im
guessing the target would look something like this:

Target[WebOut]: ifOutOctets:public at web1 + ifOutOctets:public at web2 &
ifOutOctets:public at web3 + ifOutOctets:public at web4 

I have tried many variations, i.e. explicit oids vs symbolic etc, but cannot
find a solution that works.

Does anyone out there have any thoughts on this?

John Shaver
Network Engineer
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
jshaver at wsgc.com


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