[mrtg] Re: AS5300

Rick Horowitz rickh at ValleyYellowPages.com
Wed Nov 3 17:24:46 MET 1999

The following seems to be working for me on an AS5200.

Directory[as5224]: modems
MaxBytes[as5224]: 24
Title[as5224]: Cisco AS5200 Modem Usage Statistics
PageTop[as5224]: <P>VYP AS5200 Modem Usage Statistics</P>\n
Options[as5224]: gauge, nopercent
#Timezone[as5224]: GMT+8
Weekformat[as5224]: V
WithPeak[as5224]: ymwd
Colours[as5224]: GREEN#00ff00,BLUE#0000ff,DARK GREEN#008000,VIOLET#ff00ff
YLegend[as5224]: lines/modems
ShortLegend[as5224]: in use
Legend1[as5224]: Lines in use
Legend2[as5224]: Modems in use
Legend3[as5224]: Maximal 5 Minute lines in use
Legend4[as5224]: Maximal 5 Minute modems in use
LegendI[as5224]: &nbsp; lines:
LegendO[as5224]: &nbsp; modems:

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