[mrtg] Re: treshold option, how ?

Voytek Eymont voytek at sbt.net.au
Wed Nov 3 23:20:16 MET 1999

thanks, Tom,

(hopefully, last Q on this:)

so, can several unrelated mrtg.config point to SAME threshdir ?
or, should I have one dir per each config ?

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From: Thomas Muggli - NSM <mugglit at cscoe.ac.com>

>ThreshDir is the only global option.  All the other options are target
>ThreshDir: /path/to/some/dir
>ThreshMaxI[targetname]: 95
>ThreshProgI[targetname]: /path/to/some/script
>ThreshProgOKI[targetname]: /path/to/some/other/script

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