[mrtg] slightly OT: traffic on IIS virtual servers

Ben Roy ben at innovamn.com
Thu Nov 11 20:16:13 MET 1999

I need to find a way to reliably track traffic on a per-ip basis for web
sites running on an IIS4 system. Log files don't work because they count an
aborted download of a file as a full download. Is there any way to get the
actual data transfer statistics per virtual server?  I'm hoping that there
is some way to configure SNMP on the server to expose this information.  One
other possibility I'd considered was using the switch which the web server
is connected to. It is a Cabletron SSR so it can see all the layer 3
information as the data passes through. Documentation on this device is
pretty shabby so if anyone knows of a way that I can configure the SSR to
gather statistics for a particular IP that would be fine too. Thanks for any

Ben Roy
System Administrator
Innova Technologies
Ben at innovamn.com

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