[mrtg] Off-Topic help needed

Javier Tan javier_tan at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 12 06:54:43 MET 1999

Hi all,

I'm a MRTG user running on version 2.7.5

I have a question I'll like to ask ( I've decided to be stupid just for this 
once , than to be stupid for the rest of my Earthly existence )

Anyhow, here's the question :

Suppose I have an agreement with my ISP on a 4Mbps ILC, but the data I 
gathered on my MRTG is showing me utilization of about 10 Mbps.

1. Since the ILC is just 4Mbps, how can I possible get 10Mbps of utilization 
2. Is it possible if anyone could walk me through on how can an ILC of 4Mbps 
ILC can translate to 10 Mbps on my end ?? any references will be greatly 

Please advise

Thanks in advanced.

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