[mrtg] Upgrading from cmu-snmp to ucd-snmp causes some issues

Tuomas Jormola tj at sgic.fi
Sun Nov 14 16:05:16 MET 1999


I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to ask a question
like this, but here it comes anyway.

Recently I upgraded from Debian 2.1/stable (slink) to
2.2/unstable (potato). I noticed that the snmp package is now
builded using a whole new snmp project. Now after re-installing
mrtg 2.8.9 and re-creating mrtg.cfg, the images don't show
the bandwidth usage stats of my ISDN line anymore. In the images
there's nothing but the background and the grid, but no green
and blue that indicate the activity. My new setup is working
great with the eth* devices, though. But not with ippp0.
I had to downgrade to the snmp package of slink and now everything
working again. But I'd like to use the current snmp package. So
if there's someone out there using mrtg to monitor the bandwidth
usage of an ISDN line using ucd-snmp under Linux 2.2/HiSax ISDN
driver, please tell me what you did to make it work. Maybe you
could send me your snmpd.conf?

As said, I'm using ucd-snmp 4.0.1. The ISDN driver I use is
the default ISDN4Linux HiSax driver that is shipped with the kernel
sources. The kernel (2.2.13) was compiled with the same settings
in both slink and potato.

Tuomas Jormola <tj at sgic.fi>

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