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Olivier Daury olivier at co.arianeii.be
Tue Nov 23 12:22:25 MET 1999


Oliver Rother wrote:
> I think I have smtp running on squid, but I fail on setting up the
> mrtg.conf.
on squid box, try snmpwalk -p 3401 localhost community .
(oid for cacheClientHttpRequest)
> Do I have to patch the mrtg script?

> Maybe someone has an actual, running configuration he can show to me?
Here is config file for mrtg (because I use rrdtool, you must comment the line 
UseRRDTool: Yes)
You must replace community at ip_address:3401 by your. By default squid snmp daemon
use port 3401

I'm not sure I use the rights options everywhere. For example the graphs for
cacheHttpInKb and cacheHttpOutKb seems to be not correct, but the rest is fine :-)


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