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Paul Nelson pnelson at biblio.org
Fri Oct 1 14:31:02 MEST 1999

Ok, after reading through various how-tos and faqs about installing ethernet cards, i've come to a standstill.  So, i turn to the linux experts of the list for help :-)
I'm running linux 2.0.36  from a redhat 5.2 install.  I'm trying to add an older ISA ethernet card (unsuccessfully).  It's supposedly a NE2000 compatible device (it's an Accton EN1660 ethercombo).  The how-to's say that in order to add an ISA ethernet card you have to specify the irq and i/o with options in insmod.  I've actually tried using the kernel configurator through x which i believe does essentially the same thing.  I can find unused irq's and i/o by looking in /proc.  So, here's my question (finally), having been lulled into ignorance from having used windoze for the past years, how do i determine the correct values for my card?  Is it set on the hardware or can i set it through linux?  I've obtained some specs from the manufacturer that list the i/o range, but it's in the old dos format, eg. 200H-3EA0 or something like that.  How do i tell linux what to use?  It uses the hex, 0xNNN format, right?  How do i convert?  Any help getting this card up and running would be greatly appreciated.  I know this list has a wealth of knowledge to be had.


Paul Nelson
pnelson at biblio.org
Libraries Online Inc.
123 Broad St. Middletown, CT  06457

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