[mrtg] Re: problems monitoring squid

Morten S. Nielsen msn at ipt.dtu.dk
Fri Oct 1 17:11:09 MEST 1999

On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Pieter Kooistra wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'am using mrtg 2.8.4 on hp-ux 10.20 to monitor squid.
> I want to monitor UnusedFileDescrCount and
> cacheCurrentReservedFileDescrCount
> I want mrtg to show the actual values of this counters, but it does not
> work. The first entry in the logfiles gives the right value, but mrtg
> just shows me the difference between current and last value which is
> mostly zero.
> Mrtg treats squid as a normal networkinterfacecard although I use the
> gauge and absolute options.
> Target[sun2.6]:
> cacheCurrentUnusedFileDescrCount&cacheCurrentReservedFileDescrCount:public at sun2:3401
> MaxBytes[sun2.6]: 1024
> Options[sun2.6]: absolute,gauge,perhour
> Title[sun2.6]:: Current Unused and Reserved File Descr Count
> PageTop[sun2.6]: <H1>Current Unused and Reserved File Descr</H1>
> YLegend[sun2.6]:
> ShortLegend[sun2.6]:
> LegendI[sun2.6]: Number Unused
> LegendO[sun2.6]: Number Reserved
> Legend1[sun2.6]: Number Unused
> Legend2[sun2.6]: Number Reserved
> Target[sun2.7]: cacheClients&cacheClients:public at sun2:3401
> MaxBytes[sun2.7]: 1800
> Options[sun2.7]: absolute,gauge,perhour
> Title[sun2.7]:: Current Clients
> PageTop[sun2.7]: <H1>Current Clients</H1>
> YLegend[sun2.7]:
> ShortLegend[sun2.7]:
> LegendI[sun2.7]: Number Users
> LegendO[sun2.7]:
> Legend1[sun2.7]: Number Users
> Legend2[sun2.7]:
> What goes wrong?

Maybe you do have the config file right, but you browser might cache the
resulting graphics. Furthermore the week, month and year doesn't get made
every time you run the script. 

Solution. Remove all png/gif files from the workdir in order to get mrtg
to make all graphics again. Run mrtg in the hand to check that there is
no errors. If you use netscape (you probably do on HP-UX or SUN :) press
the shift button and press the reload button with the mouse, to reload

> Thanks in advance,
> Pieter Kooistra

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