[mrtg] Re: One more question..

Rick Horowitz rickh at ValleyYellowPages.com
Fri Oct 1 17:58:03 MEST 1999

Mitch Vincent wrote the following:
> I simply have a lot  to do and
> little time to do it in.. Maybe you haven't been in this position before :
> (at 11am) "We need this done by 3pm. We don't care how you do it, just do
> it.".. Regardless, if you don't want to give me a hand, don't.

Yes, running a bicoastal network takes very little time.  And my bosses are
different from everyone else's; they never ask for the unreasonable.

If someone gave you five hours to build a frame relay network
interconnecting fifteen different sites across the country, what would you
tell them?

So why do you think you should tell them something different when they ask
you to do what you say you were asked to do?

> Oh yeah, you do realize that you wrote this in response to an
> email thanking the list for their understanding and help, right?
> Now that's irony..

Actually, in your case, I think we'll call it "missing the point."  I
specifically stated "if you want to ask a FAQ here, that's fine."  I also
said you might get an answer, and that you shouldn't be surprised at the

We hang out here to share ideas and methods; not to do your job for you.

FWIW, in the past, the way I've graphed "one value" is to designate both the
green and blue to represent the same value.  I did find examples in the
distribution I received which seemed to follow the same procedure.

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> > Yes, there are quite a few "bozos" here who don't realize that your time
> > management problems require an exemption from the list
> regarding the issue
> > of reading the FAQ, web site, or even the docs that came with
> the program.
> Sarcasm, I love it.
> I did read the FAQ. It and the place it suggested I look held no other
> information on my question).
> > Personally, I think if you want to ask a FAQ here, that's fine.
> The question is in the FAQ, the "Can I graph only one value".. Go and look
> at the answer.. "Look in the contrib dir for example
> configuration files"..
> Then go look in the contrib directory..
>  There is absolutely no reference to what I'm doing in the docs,
> I was only
> guessing that it was possible. MRTG really should have a
> different name, it
> does much more than graph traffic measured with SNMP. It graphs
> -- anything,
> with or without SNMP! :-)
> >The list
> > being what it is, you'll nearly always get an answer.
> And all I have gotten so far today has been sarcasm (like this email) and
> other even more rude responses in public. Things like "You're a f**king
> idiot".
> Everyone seems to think it's an easy question to answer and wants to flame
> me for not knowing , yet no one has posted one response that
> actually had to
> do with the question.
> >You'll also get
> > chewed a little for not reading the FAQ.
> I did. Show me the answer in the FAQ _please_. If it's there I must be
> completely blind.
> The *only* reference to this is a single half-sentance. "Look in
> the contrib
> directory for sample cfg files". That's not even a yes or a no.
> >You shouldn't be surprised about
> > that, and I don't think you've grounds to complain.  Just
> realize that you
> > brought it on yourself, scroll through the list looking for the solution
> > (instead of scrolling through the FAQ looking for the
> solution), and move
> > on.
> See above comments on the FAQ.
> > Because, seriously, your failures at time management don't result in any
> > enforceable contract for help from this list.  ;)
> Time management has nothing to do with this..
I have no
> desire in flaming, arguing or being rude anymore to anyone else. I thought
> this was a list for help with the operation and configuration of MRTG. I
> guess it's just a place where people hang out and read email for
> the hell of
> it..
> Thanks to those who gave me a hand yesterday and thanks to those
> who wasted
> their and my time today with flaming me too :-)
> - Mitch
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