[mrtg] MRTG is not updating the logfile.

Mike Kalscheuer Mkals at LANDOLAKES.COM
Fri Oct 1 22:00:19 MEST 1999

I have set up the following configuration to monitor input and output errors on a Cisco router.

WorkDir: /var/opt/OV/mrtg/htm

Target[ferrors]: at
MaxBytes[ferrors]: 1000
Title[ferrors]: Line Errors on Fishers T-1
PageTop[ferrors]: <H1><CENTER>Input and Output Line Errors <BR>on AH to Fishers T-1<BR></CENTER></H1>
WithPeak[ferrors]: mwy

Target[fdropss]: at
MaxBytes[fdropss]: 1000
Title[fdropss]: Packet Drops on Fishers T-1
PageTop[fdropss]: <H1><CENTER>Packet Drops on Input and Output<BR>on AH to Fishers T-1<BR></CENTER></H1>
PageFoot[fdropss]: <HR size=2 noshade>All measurements are from the Remote
WithPeak[fdropss]: mwy

MRTG collects the data from the router but it only updates the first line of the log file.  Each subsequent sample replaces the first line only.  The deltas are not being calculated for the difference between the 5 minutes samples.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Mike Kalscheuer
Land O'Lakes Systems Engineering
phone: 651/766-1449
fax: 651/481-2244
Internet: mkals at landolakes.com

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