[mrtg] Re: MRTG is not updating the logfile.

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Sat Oct 2 01:56:09 MEST 1999

> I have set up the following configuration to monitor input and output
errors on a Cisco router.
> WorkDir: /var/opt/OV/mrtg/htm
> Target[ferrors]: at
> MaxBytes[ferrors]: 1000
> Title[ferrors]: Line Errors on Fishers T-1
> PageTop[ferrors]: <H1><CENTER>Input and Output Line Errors <BR>on AH
to Fishers T-1<BR></CENTER></H1>
> WithPeak[ferrors]: mwy
> Target[fdropss]: at
> MaxBytes[fdropss]: 1000
> Title[fdropss]: Packet Drops on Fishers T-1
> PageTop[fdropss]: <H1><CENTER>Packet Drops on Input and Output<BR>on
AH to Fishers T-1<BR></CENTER></H1>
> PageFoot[fdropss]: <HR size=2 noshade>All measurements are from the
> WithPeak[fdropss]: mwy
> MRTG collects the data from the router but it only updates the first
line of the log file.  Each subsequent sample replaces the first line
only.  The deltas are not being calculated for the difference between
the 5 minutes samples.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Options[]: gauge might help

MaxBytes[]: 1000 could be a problem if the values being returned are
larger then 1000 they are ignored, because you have stated that anything
above 1000 is erroneous, or is that AbsMax[]:

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