[mrtg] Math problem: so\um is not equal to the parts

Rod Oliver roliver at flash.a2000.nl
Tue Oct 5 00:38:43 MEST 1999

Hi All,

I have been manipulating mrtg successfully for the last couple of months and
have become rather attached to it. I have come across a bit of strange
behaviour recently. I graph 2 links from one location to another, both
seperately and added together. Untill a couple of days ago the math worked
logically. However in the last couple of days the graph of the 2 links added
together looks as if there are lots of flaps on the circuits while the
individual graphs look no different than they ever have. Below is the
configuration of the 3 objects. I run the same config apart from the IP
address and name on the interfaces at the other end of the links with the
same behaviour. Mrtg is on the same subnet as the nearest router but on the
other side of a couple of switchs. Mrtg runs seemingly fine for other
objects including those very much further down the track and others that I
run math on. I have also tried test runs of the same configuration on
different versions and installations of Mrtg on different platforms with
exactly the same effect. I include the weekly graphs that mrtg makes. I
would very much appreciate any input on this behaviour as this combined
graph, which I am beginning to suspect may not be Mrtg's fault.

Target[stm1]: 9:public at routera
MaxBytes[stm1]: 19375000
Title[stm1]: STM1 to routerb
PageTop[stm1]: <H1>STM1 to routerb</H1>

Target[e3]: 3:public at routera
MaxBytes[e3]: 4251250
Title[e3]: E3 to routerb
PageTop[e3]: <H1>E3 to routerb</H1>

Target[e3stm1]: 2:public at routera+ 9:public at routera
MaxBytes[e3stm1]: 21751250
Title[e3stm1]: STM1 & E3 Aggregated to routerb
PageTop[e3stm1]: <H1>STM1 & E3 Aggregated to routerb</H1>
Rod Oliver

Prinsengracht t/o 250
1015AZ Amsterdam

Tel +31-654-932-923

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