[mrtg] Threshold info

Matt Connley MConnley at GiantStep.com
Tue Oct 5 00:51:35 MEST 1999

Hey all,

As always, thank you everyone for your magnificent input to this group.  The
archive, combined with all of your postings to the list since my
subscription have become a great asset in implementing MRTG and other
SNMP-based tools in my environment.  

I have a question now relating to an issue I've seen discussed but in
searching my mail folder of posts to this list and the available
documentation, I haven't found the answer I'm looking for (and the archive
is down... flame me if this is a repeat question :)

My question is relating to the threshold feature of MRTG.  My understanding
of it is that when a specified threshold is exceeded, that MRTG can execute
an external program.  The question I have is this:  I saw a post relating to
MRTG passing variables to the program executed.  In my environment, I'd kind
of like to know whether that's possible because I'd like to forgo
individually editing 195 different scripts that MRTG will call.  I'm
probably going to write the perl or VBScript process to e-mail an alert upon
a passed threshold, but I'd like to know if I can use one script with the
variable of the target name and threshold passed to it, or if I'll have to
have a script for each target.  Also, if anyone has any suggestions or other
recommendations as to how to accomplish this, I'd appreciate it.  I'm just
looking for something to alert me of low disk space and processor spikes in
the interim between now and the time we implement OpenView or some other
network management suite (and who knows how long that might take me :)

Thank you very much in advance!

Matt Connley
Hosting Operations Coordinator
Giant Step Productions
p.	312.385.2828
vm.	312.385.2691

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