[mrtg] Re: Problem with MRTG on NT

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Wed Oct 6 19:10:04 MEST 1999

> I've modified GetSNMPLinesUP in order to get the number of actives
ISDN lines on
> a Cisco E1 interface. That works fine when I start Perl in an
interactive MSDOS
> window, but I have some troubles if MRTG is running by an AT command
or by
> MRTGSU. It seems that the faulty command is something like
> `c:\perl\bin\perl c:\mrtg-2.8.8\run\GetSNMPLinesUP.pl xxx`. In this
case, I
> suspect that the command can't be started, but I can't find a way to
fix this
> problem.
> Has anybody an idea about this strange thing ?
Create a batch file contain the line. And then call the batch file from
within MRTG. Does this work?

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