[mrtg] Re: Can't seem to get MRTG 2.8.8 to produce PNG

Brian Hughes hughbria at isu.edu
Fri Oct 8 16:26:50 MEST 1999

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply.  Larry Rosenman emailed me and let me know about
removing config.cache and I then searched the archives and found that by
typing in "./configure --with-gd-lib=/usr/local/lib"  that did the

Thanks again to both you and Larry.


Steve Rothanburg wrote:
> I had the same problem. Even when I told it on the command line where to
> find the lib it still used the wrong version. There is a file that stores
> all of the old configure setting. I don't remember if I deleted it or just
> edited it. I don't remember the file name, but I think it should be easy to
> figure out which one it is.
> Brian Hughes wrote:
> > Hi Everyone,
> >
> > I believe I've correctly installed gd 1.7.3 and I can successfully view
> > the demoout.png file with my browser as described in the documentation.
> >
> > When I do the "./configure" for MRTG I get:
> > checking for gdImagePng in -lgd... (cached) no
> >
> > It's not apparent from reading the MRTG docs, but I'm thinking there are
> > probably some magic configuration words I need to chant to get MRTG to
> > recognize that I have gd installed.
> >
> > Any clues would be greatly appreciated,
> > Brian

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