[mrtg] Re: Total switch bandwidth

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Sun Oct 10 16:10:09 MEST 1999

> > Target[total2924]: 1:public at swtichIP + 2:public at swtichIP +
> > 3:public at swtichIP + 4:public at swtichIP +
> > 5:public at swtichIP + 6:public at swtichIP +
> >  7:public at swtichIP + 8:public at swtichIP +
> > 9:public at swtichIP + 10:public at swtichIP +
> Thanks for that... it helps a lot... but:
> My guess is that that's going to query each port via SNMP again, isn't
it? On
> the 2820 (running firmware 5.37) I can go to "Usage Summaries" ->
> Usage Report" to bring up the total switch bandwidth. Can't this be
brought up
> via single SNMP query?
> I can't find this on the 2924 yet (it's running the IOS version) but
no doubt
> it's hidden there somewhere.
> Thanks a bunch anyway;
You just need the product specific MIB's. Download GETIF, which can be
found in the archives or any simple search engine, add the MIB to it and
Browse the MIB. Find the OID you want to use and place it on the Target
Line rather then the additions of individual ports. Of course all of
this is product specific.

An SNMP query is miniscule when run over an Ethernet LAN. When you start
querying 100+ routers from a single central site this may be a concern,
and require the distribution of the querying systems.

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