[mrtg] Re: a little bit of help! :)

Larry Sheldon lsheldon at creighton.edu
Mon Oct 11 04:33:29 MEST 1999

I'd hate to be confused with somebody who actually knows what they are
talking about, but . . . 

> Regarding SNMP.
> gets to the internet level. Then that splits into 1,2,3,4.
> 2 is management. This is a standard MIB across all SNMP devices. It has
> transmission, interfaces, system, etc.

I think 2 is actually that which is defined in the MIB2 RFC--which involves
the least common denominator of SNMP-managed devices, and has only to do
with network stuff.

> 4 is for vendors.

I think 4 is "private", where vendors can put what ever they want to,
that isn't included in MIB2, such as stuff relating to CPU's, temperature,
configuration, and such.

> How do you know what is one, and what is in the other?

You look in the relvant documentation, sometimes that will be RFC's, sometimes
documentation from the vendor, sometimes in documentation the vendors
choose not to share (private), preferring that you buy the software that
uses it.

> And does the "MIB" only refer to the sub-tree?

No, it is the data structure(s) (Management Information Base) used by SNMP.

> Now relating this to MRTG. I'm guessing MRTG can read from both of these
> sections of the SNMP table?

In my experience, it can read any OID the box will answer to.
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