[mrtg] using mrtg with float values

koen breugelmans kbr at sjc.dhis.org
Mon Oct 11 23:15:19 MEST 1999


I am currently using the mrtg-tool for logging the network traffic on my
school's server. (take a look at http://sjc.dhis.org/stats/mrtg/)

I also wanted to log the load averages of my server, but /proc/loadavg
returns a float value (0.13) which i can't log with mrtg (it says that it
wants an INT). Ok, i tried to multiply this value with 100, but i want the
values of /proc/loadavg displayed on the graphics (on the Y-axis).

Do i got to rework the perl-program in order to do this (i'm not a perl
programmer) or is there another solution?

Thank you
Koen Breugelmans <kbr at sjc.dhis.org>

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