[mrtg] My average is 0%, why?

Marco Antonio Mejía Lara marcoml at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 12 18:50:07 MEST 1999

Good day members of this list..

I am Marco Antonio from Mexico, first I offer you all my apologies
because of my terrible english. I still having troubles with it.

Well, I will begin to explain my problem with MRTG.  First I have this
version, the 2.5.4 but it was working good but right now it began to fail.

all my graphics are good, but my average and all my numbers on the bottom  
of my graphs are 0 in the weekly, monthly and yearly graphics, only the 
daily graphics is working good with its averages and its Maxs. My graphics  
still changing but my numbers are troubles.

Do you know what kind of problem is? Where I can found information about it? 
Where are the currently FAQ?s?. What file I can review?

  In this moment, I am intalling the new version mrtg 2.8.8, in other PC. 
(whit linux Red hat 6.0) but I do not find where i put the Workdir. Really I 
have troubles whit this application.. Somobody Have some manual that you can 
lend me.

Thanks for all, and sincerely yours.

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