[mrtg] Re: multiple configs

Jacek Zabicki jzabicki at equifax.ca
Wed Oct 13 17:15:12 MEST 1999

Do you want to start all 6 cfg's at the same time? This script should do

for i in /path_to_your_cfg_directory/*.cfg
	/path_to_your_mrtg/mrtg $i &

Jacek Zabicki
zabicki at i.am

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Hello all,
just a quick request: Does anyone have a script that will let you monitor
more than one cfg at a time? I'm monitoring 6 different cfg's for various
elements on over 150 machines and I'm running out of space to do them in a
crontab. Any help would be appreciated.

Tom Nail

p.s. - yes, I know I should probably go over to rrdtool, but I can't yet...

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