[mrtg] Re: multiple configs

³¯«Ø§» jhchen at mozart.seed.net.tw
Thu Oct 14 03:11:46 MEST 1999

> Jacek Zabicki wrote:
> Do you want to start all 6 cfg's at the same time? This script should do
> this:
> for i in /path_to_your_cfg_directory/*.cfg
> do
>         /path_to_your_mrtg/mrtg $i &
> done

	We are using mrtg with about 80 cfg files.  And use your
method to do those cfg files at the same time.  But only the first
40 cfg files will be handled while using crontab,  until we remove '&'.
Do you know what's wrong?  We use FreeBSD.  Thank you for your help.

J. H. Chen

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