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Steffen Kluge kluge at fujitsu.com.au
Fri Oct 15 09:10:07 MEST 1999

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 10:05:03AM -0500, Stieers, Ken wrote:
> There is no such thing as an OID file.

I wouldn't say that. Why can't you put OIDs into a file?
This is actually done by SunNet Manager, for example, for
the purpose of presenting the contents of traps etc. in
human readable format. Example:

"org"           "1.3"
"dod"           "1.3.6"
"internet"      ""
"directory"     ""
"mgmt"          ""
"experimental"  ""
"private"       ""
"enterprises"   ""
"security"      ""
"snmpV2"        ""
"snmpTrapOID"   ""
"snmpTrapTable" ""
"snmpTrapEnterprise"            ""
"snmpV2EnableAuthenTraps"       ""
"snmpTrapEntry" ""
"snmpTrapNumbers"               ""
"coldStart"     ""
"warmStart"     ""
"linkDown"      ""
"linkUp"        ""
"authenticationFailure"         ""
"egpNeighborLoss"               ""

Looks like a good thing to have. MRTG has a rudimentary "OID
file" embedded as hash %snmpget::OIDS. It doesn't come with a
tool to extract this info from MIBs, although that shouldn't be
too hard. I'm lucky to have SunNet Manager tools doing it for


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