[mrtg] Re: snmpget linux command and Cisco router

Martin Ansdell-Smith mas at ansdell.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 23:51:34 MEST 1999

On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, kikino su sardu wrote:

> Is there anyone who can help me?
> I need to retrieve the "show ver " infomation from a Cisco router with a
> SNMPGET Linux command .

You can get a sh ver output from a script that either
    logs into the router and does a sh ver   or
    uses rcmd to run sh ver on the router
these either require a log-in account on the router or for the router to
execute rcmds.

If you must use snmp get then you just get the MIB variables that give the
information you want to display. Tedious to write from scratch, test and
keep updated as MIBs change but it can be done (I have one that checks
some routers each morning for installed modules and status, for example).

Hope that helps,


Martin Ansdell-Smith
Network Analyst			http://www.ansdell.demon.co.uk/

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