[mrtg] Re: snmpget linux command and Cisco router

Tim Schuh tschuh at verio.net
Sat Oct 16 00:42:39 MEST 1999

Martin Ansdell-Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, kikino su sardu wrote:
> > Is there anyone who can help me?
> > I need to retrieve the "show ver " infomation from a Cisco router with a
> > SNMPGET Linux command .
> You can get a sh ver output from a script that either
>     logs into the router and does a sh ver   or
>     uses rcmd to run sh ver on the router
> these either require a log-in account on the router or for the router to
> execute rcmds.
> If you must use snmp get then you just get the MIB variables that give the
> information you want to display. Tedious to write from scratch, test and
> keep updated as MIBs change but it can be done (I have one that checks
> some routers each morning for installed modules and status, for example).

I believe you'll get all of that information with system.sysDescr.0
and system.sysUpTime.   I discovered this the very first time I used
snmpwalk on a router.  These are standard iso.internet MIB entries.
Using an expect script or some other such thing would be an excercise
in wasting time.


Tim Schuh
Network Systems
Verio Central

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