[mrtg] Re: Yet another OID question...

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Wed Oct 20 02:21:52 MEST 1999

> 1) If I want to monitor bytes in/out of a Xylan ATM switch (yes still
working on
> that for those of you who've been on the list for a while now  :-) )
where does
> the slot&port number go... on the end of the OID? (example would be
good here)
> 2)   If in the .cfg file it says  target[xx.xx.xx.xx.3001]: does that
mean that
> the slot is 3 and port is 1?  If so, then do I use 3.1 at the end of
my OID?
> (Sorry, SNMP novice here)
> Please help... been searching archives way too long today...
> Thank you to the guru's in advance...
Normally you will have an interface number, most likely your 3001. But,
depending on the system 3001 may or may not by slot 3 port 1. I would
download getif and do a walk of the OID you have. Of course I would also
download the MIB file and add it to GETIF in the mibs directory, so you
have the definitions.

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