[mrtg] mrtg-2.8.8 with use RRDTool and maxBytes

Matija Grabnar Matija.Grabnar at arnes.si
Wed Oct 20 13:11:01 MEST 1999

I have been testing mrtg-2.8.8 with the useRRDTool patch.
I think it is a great idea, because I have a number of things I'm 
following, and transfering all that to Cricket, or even something
closer like NRG is a major undertaking. I'm getting realy nice speedups
comparead to the older MRTG, too.

However, MaxBytes handling seems broken. I've tested this with external
data sources (because it is a bit difficult to command a router to 
go over some value when you need it).
Both MaxBytes and AbsMax are completely ignored, and the value gets
written to the rrd file regardless of size. If the rrd file has been 
"tuned" for the right maximum value, that's OK, but of course the
tuning has to be done by hand, which sort of makes MaxBytes pointless...

Has anybody come across this yet and dug through the code to see what 
needs to be patched?

Is anybody planning to use useRRDTOOL (so that it's worth spending time to 
improve it and submit patches) or has everybody switched to cricket, Orca,
nrg or something else?

"My name is Not Important. Not to friends. 
    But you can call me mr. Important"  - Not J. Important 
Matija.Grabnar at arnes.si

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