[mrtg] problems with mrtg2.8.8 on solaris 7 ultra 10 system

Ian Stong istong at usatoday.com
Wed Oct 20 19:41:26 MEST 1999

Running mrtg2.8.8 and gd-1.7.3, gcc2.95.1, libpng102, zlib113, xpm34k on

solaris 7........

Compile and make seem ok but running mrtg on .cfg file returns the
following for each interface on a cat2926 switch

PROBLEM: rateup died from Signal 9
 with Exit Value 0 when doing router '16.3.717.21'
 code was 9, retcode was . If this happens all the time,
 you should probably investigate the cause. :-)

ld.so.1: .//rateup: fatal: libpng.so.2: open failed: No such file or

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