[mrtg] Re: Threshold Checking

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Thu Oct 21 15:00:54 MEST 1999

> it helps and now we've found where we can change this in MRTG script.
> By the way, we found another thing. When a threshold is reached, each
> poll cycle the action will be fired. Now we are still busy to
correlate this
> in MRTG script. Imagine, each poll cycle the same threshold mail or
> will be sent! When it works fine we should find a way to implement
this in
> MRTG generally.

You confused me a little here. If you don't want it to run
everytime/multiple times. You can write your script so that it checks
the ThreshDir for a file pertaining to the target. If this file exists,
don't send the email except perhaps every fifth time. It would take a
little more checking and scripting, but could be done.

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