[mrtg] Logging into database

Pete Templin templin at urdirect.net
Thu Oct 21 22:21:59 MEST 1999

I've heard several people on the list say they log data to a database
(usually SQL) rather than store it in MRTG's native format.  Is this after
modifications to MRTG, or are you doing it using some sort of plug in?

I'm looking to archive a month's worth of five minute samples, so that I
can properly bill 95th percentile.  I'm considering a simple Perl script
to archive the data daily, but I'm concerned that I'll need to learn
about all of the "assumptions" MRTG handles (downed hardware, samples not
exactly five minutes apart, etc.).  Anyone care to shed any light on these
sorts of issues (or share any scripts that help you do 95th percentile


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