[mrtg] Wrong MIB!!! SNMP Walk Utility for the taking...

Landa, Brian Landa at trendcs.com
Fri Oct 22 15:51:46 MEST 1999

To all,
I am having a problem with a MIB string value. I am trying to use a generic
MIB for Input and Output errors on an interface for a Cisco Catalyst switch.
We need this for a 5503, 2924, and a 1900 (which is why I'm trying to find a
generic one). I have looked on the Cisco FTP Website and cannot find a MIB
for this. So I used an SNMP Walk utility. The MIB string for what I want is:
I have tried writing it like this (thinking that I may have misplaced or
forgot something):
perl cfgmaker
. at >
perl cfgmaker . at
> 2924.cfg
The only thing is that I still get an error! What am I doing wrong? For
those of you who are good with MIB's for Cisco can you help me at all? I
will give any of you who ask, a really good SNMP Walk utility for NT if you
can help. (I don't want to take help without giving it as well). I am stuck
on this one. This is a true MIB value and technically it should work right?
Thanks for any help in advance.
Your fellow MRTG user,
Brandon B. Jozsa

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