[mrtg] Re: Setting Max Y variable size

Jason Hicks HicksJ at NATFUEL.COM
Fri Oct 22 16:50:11 MEST 1999

Alex van den Bogaerdt writes:
>Neil Calvert wrote:
>> Quick question - I have a Frame Relay link to monitor that's an awkward
>> size (384). Is there a nice way to show the Y scale of an MRTG graph as
>> going from 0 to 384 rather than 0 to 400 with a red dotted line (as it
>> is now)? I looked at YTics and YTicsFactor but I'm not quite sure how
>> they'd be used in this case - I want the standard 4 tics and don't need
>> to show the lines as marked 1,2,3,4 instead of 100,200,300,400... any
>> suggestions appreciated!
>Perhaps you can switch over to RRDtool.  Have a look at 14all (in the
>contrib directory) and read the info on Rainer's web page as well as
>the documentation for RRDtool.

You know, upgrading to RRDtool is not the solution for every case.

Why not just use:
   MayBytes[device]: 48000    (384kbps)
   Unscaled[device]: dwmy     (dwmy= day, week, month, year)

wow, I may have saved you a few hours there Neil.  


Jason Hicks
Network Architect
National Fuel Gas

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