[mrtg] Re: Setting Max Y variable size

Jason Hicks HicksJ at NATFUEL.COM
Fri Oct 22 17:29:36 MEST 1999

Doah!  It just HAS to round off, doesn't it!
I'm sure you'd rather be grapphing by bits, but you
might eliminate the line if you move to bytes? 

OR, set the graph's background as transparent
and make your page's background red!   ;)   

I did have a busted monitor a month ago where
the red burnt out.  I might be able to dig that up...

There's always a way...

Neil Calvert <ncalvert at cabletron.com> writes:
>Thanks Jason - but that's what I already had, which is what -gives- you
>the 400 max with red line at 384! ;) Alex is entirely correct, this is
>one of the 'features' of MRTG regrettably, and RRDTool is much nicer -
>unfortunately, the luxury to sit down and learn it isn't one I have,
>right now...
>Thanks for your suggestion though...

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