[mrtg] OID of login time

Saknon Kangsumrith saknon at inet.co.th
Sun Oct 24 09:05:57 MEST 1999

To all
   Does anyone know OID of a Start time/date when user login. I'm using
US_robotic (Total Control Enterprise Network Hub with a Hiper card), as an
EX belowed.

Thank you very much
Saknon Kangsumrith
HiPer>> list connECTIONS


                                               Start       Start
IfName          User Name          Type   DLL  Date        Time
slot:2/mod:1    aaa                DIALIN PPP  24-OCT-1999 11:59:55
slot:2/mod:2    bbb                DIALIN PPP  24-OCT-1999 11:24:05
slot:2/mod:5    ccc                DIALIN PPP  24-OCT-1999 11:23:40  

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