[mrtg] Re: OID of login time

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Sun Oct 24 19:15:03 MEST 1999

> To all
>    Does anyone know OID of a Start time/date when user login. I'm
> US_robotic (Total Control Enterprise Network Hub with a Hiper card),
as an
> EX belowed.
> Thank you very much
> Saknon Kangsumrith
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> HiPer>> list connECTIONS
>                                                Start       Start
> IfName          User Name          Type   DLL  Date        Time
> slot:2/mod:1    aaa                DIALIN PPP  24-OCT-1999 11:59:55
> slot:2/mod:2    bbb                DIALIN PPP  24-OCT-1999 11:24:05
> slot:2/mod:5    ccc                DIALIN PPP  24-OCT-1999 11:23:40
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
I haven't found this particular OID yet. I have found total seconds
connected and a few others. I have written a short batch file that runs
on NT, pulls out the connection information from the NMC, then gets the
total connect time. It then goes to the HiperARC and gets the user name
and ip address of the particular connection.  The script has nothing to
do with MRTG, it pulls everything down using snmputil and outputs the
information as an html file.

If anyone is interested let me, know and I'll clean it up for a generic
installation. I did everything using snobol since it is all text
manipulation and I don't know perl all that well yet.

David C Prall, MCNE MCSE          DCP Technologies
dcp at dcptech.com                       Alexandria, VA
dcppage at dcptech.com               http://www.dcptech.com

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