[mrtg] Re: rateup died from Signal 9

Yozo Toda yozo at aohakobe.ipc.chiba-u.ac.jp
Mon Oct 25 13:27:09 MEST 1999

> running mrtg:
> ld.so.1: .//rateup: fatal: libpng.so.2: open failed: No such file or 
> directory

ld.so (runtime dynamic linker) can't find libpng.so.2
(I believe libpng.so.

try add more options to configure and recompile rateup.
here is a sample input:

  ./configure  --prefix=/opt/mrtg \
      --with-gd-lib=/opt/gd/lib --with-gd-inc=/opt/gd/include \
      --with-z-lib=/usr/local/lib --with-z-inc=/usr/local/include \
      --with-png-lib=/usr/local/lib --with-png-inc=/usr/local/include

with this I did compile mrtg-2.8.8 and now using it.
  system: Sun Sparc Solaris 2.5.1
  libpng 1.0.5
  zlib: 1.1.3
  GD 1.7.3

see (http://aohakobe.ipc.chiba-u.ac.jp/misc/docs/mrtg/mrtg-2.8.8/)
if you're interested in my Makefile, etc...

actually you don't need to re-compile rateup;
environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH must contain a path to libpng.so
when invoked from cron.
make a five-line shell script as "rateup".

  rateup=(real rateup binary here)
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=(add directories necessary)
  ${rateup} $*

-- yozo.

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