[mrtg] graphics not showing

Beckie Pack bpack at vsat.net
Mon Oct 25 19:11:31 MEST 1999


MRTG has been running fine but unfortunately we have been using the product
unit as a dev and test unit as well so our graphs haven't been perfect.  One
problem though, some sites which were recently added show no graph in their
results (see http://traffic.vsat.net/ I believe this is
because at one time there was a graph and for some reason the router can no
longer be reached by mrtg.  I can ping and telnet to the router so I'm not
sure why mrtg can't. If I try to remove the files related to the ip address
and run mrtg it doesn't create the html.

Most all of our routers are compatible systems routers and we monitor
traffic on both the ethernet and wan ports.  Our cfg can be found at
traffic.vsat.net/mrtg.cfg.  We use linux as the OS.

Maybe if I could redirect the output to a file when mrtg tries to get to the
ip device but this hasn't worked for me.

Any ideas?


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