[mrtg] Re: Total Bandwidth utilization

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Tue Oct 26 13:48:44 MEST 1999

> I have 'simple' question but it confusing me ;)
> I have 64 Kbps lease line connection. I see in graph that sometimes
'in' reach
> 40K and 'out' = 30K, is that mean that I have 70 Kbps bandwidth (or
> 128Kbps ?).
> How to calculate total utilization, is that (in + out)/2
> In lease line connection is this using full duplex or hal duplex?
> Thank you.

The majority of leased lines are full-duplex. In the Washington DC area
we have what are in essence Ethernet circuits that are 10Mbps
half-duplex. They are actually about 6Mbps since they are fiber drops
off of a switched 10Mbps Ethernet single-mode backbone. These are the
exception though and not the rule.

So yes you do have a 64K full-duplex circuit. In the general sense you
can reach 64kbps in both directions giving you 128kbs bandwidth. But, in
most instances you will saturate one direction only (the inbound),
unless you are an ISP or have a number of heavily hit Web or FTP

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