[mrtg] Auto-Initialization of MRTG under NT

Alexander Fichman alexf at ipexsoft.co.il
Tue Oct 26 21:15:14 MEST 1999

I just found an easy and resource-light way of starting MRTG every several
minutes without the use of the MSU service (after it crashed on my SP5
The Resource Kit for NT4 includes a command-line utility called soon.exe .
This utility invokes the AT command and lets you schedule a process to run
in the near future.
Now, Create a .CMD batch file with all your devices (lines calling MRTG with
specific .cfg files). As the last line in that .cmd file add something like
(assuming soon is in the path) :
SOON 300 /INTERACTIVE CMD /C C:\JOBS\mrtgrun.cmd
And Walla! Execute the script once manually and from that point on it will
run itself every 5 minutes (300 seconds). Do not forget to start the
schedule service on NT and change it’s startup state to automatic.
To servive reboots, the .cmd file can be put into the RUN registry key at 
so it will start itself automatically immediately after rebooting the

The SOON utility is available in the full Resource Kit (I have supplement 4)
There is a free subset of the NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit  at
But I do not know if it includes SOON.


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