[mrtg] Re: Total bandwidth usage and My BIG problem

Frank Keeney frank.keeney at insureon.com
Thu Oct 28 02:53:52 MEST 1999

On another note. I was just called by my Co-location ISP (to remain
anonymous for now) they told me I have used 9.1 gigs of bandwidth this
month(!) and they are going to charge me up the wazoo. All for three lightly
used domains. My analog reports show less than 5 gigs of outbound transfer
total for the last six months. Needless to say we have a big dispute.

They claim to be using MRTG to calculate my utilization by multiplying the
averages and coming up with my total two way transfer amount. I don't think
there is any way that this could be accurate at all. They've told me that
they are going to send me their formula for this calculation, I can't wait.

I've used MRTG for several years. I never thought it could be an accurate
tool for this purpose. Who is right?

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.


On another note the server in question is a Linux box. I'm using ipfwadm
rules to firewall the box each rule accumulates the total transfer amount
for each matched rule. Here is an approximate from 7/21/99 until today:

Total outbound: 3076M
Total inbound: 1200M
Plus total inbound junk: 1475M - This is Microsoft networking broadcasts,
SNMP discovery tools, Compag Insight Manager and other crap. I should not
pay for the traffic that has nothing to do with my network. UDP traffic

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On a related note, does anyone know how to do it for one day?  I'd
like to graph how much data I'm sending out from my server.  It would
be nifty if I could narrow it down to on service like FTP or one
interface like eth1 but that's not really neccessary, just useful.
Anyone done this yet?


At 3:24 PM -0400 10/27/99, Jake wrote:
>Can I determine from the *.log file in the Working directory how much
>total bandwidth was used over a month?  Or has anyone else needed to do
>just that and created a utility for such?

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