[mrtg] Re: H2 detect when MRTG is down on WinNT ?

Christian Terek cpt at mnsi.net
Thu Oct 28 19:33:45 MEST 1999

I know there is a utility called Servers Alive that monitors NT services.
Now it depends what you use to run MRTG, in my case I use the mrtg service
utility.  Anyway, you can set it to page or email when a servvice is down.
The rate at which it checks the services/servers can be changed.  I
personally haven't been able to get it to send an email successfully, I'm
just trying out the demo.  Also it can send messages to a syslog daemon.


   Christian Terek
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Subject: [mrtg] H2 detect when MRTG is down on WinNT ?

>I would like to know how to determine when MRTG is "down" on my Windows NT
computer in order to restart this one as soon as possible and not three days
after... ?
>Did someone wrote a script ?
>Thanking you in advance,
>Best regards,
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