[mrtg] Re: Problems getting NT4(sp5) info

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Thu Oct 28 19:57:50 MEST 1999

> I have run into a strange situation with trying to get mrtg-2.8.8
> to read snmp data from WinNT(sp5) systems.  I'm running mrtg on a
> box and getting the data off of it just fine.  But when I try and run
> cfgmaker against the NT boxes I get a no response from host kind of
> (I don't have the exact verbiage right now as I'm not at that site
> The NT systems have the community setup for read access and I've
> tried making it both read by any host and read by specific host but to
> avail.
> If anyone has any ideas or things I could try please let me know.

After making the changes did you restart the SNMP Service.

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