[mrtg] MRTG Newbie question about Exchange

Mary (Mary Anthes) Mary at KCLIBRARY.ORG
Fri Oct 29 00:06:00 MEST 1999

I'm trying to use MRTG (2.7.4 on Linux) to monitor my Exchange Server (5.5,
SP2).  I can run snmpget from Linux and get results.  For example:

$ snmpget pynchon public .
enterprises.311. = INTEGER: 30
But when I use the following in my mrtg.cfg file, I get an error.

	Target[pynchon2]: at p
	MaxBytes[pynchon2]: 100
	Title[pynchon2]: Active Users on Pynchon
	PageTop[pynchon2]: <H2>SActive Users(MB) on on Pynchon</H2>
	Options[pynchon2]: gauge, absolute, growright
	Unscaled[pynchon2]: dwmy
	Supress[pynchon2]: dwmy
	XSize[pynchon2]: 380	
	YSize[pynchon2]: 100
	YLegend[pynchon2]: Users (MB)
	ShortLegend[pynchon2] : MB
	Legend1[pynchon2]: Users
	Legend2[pynchon2]: Users
	LegendI[pynchon2]: Users:&nbsp
	LegendO[pynchon2]: Users:&nbsp

I get the standard  SNMP Error... noSuchName

I think I must have my perfmib.ini file set up OK, since I can get a valid
answer using snmpget
Here is the excerpt from my perfmib.ini file:
   12.10  mSExchangeIS\Active User Count

Any ideas or pointers where to look??

Thanks in advance.

Mary Anthes
Network Systems Administrator
Kansas City Public Library 
Kansas City, MO 64106
mary at kclibrary.org


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