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In article <14360.27413.938816.182051 at americium.su.valinux.com> you wrote:

> regarding http://teak.wiscnet.net/nrg/NoSuchSD.html, I like the four
> hour graph on top.  Has anyone hacked mrtg to do this?
> If not, could someone point me at some thoughts on how to do this with 
> mrtg?

mrtg normally uses 'rateup' to generate the graps. rteup only knows about
the 4 well-known graphs. You would need to hack the C source code of rateup
to generate the 4 hour graph.

Another possibility: mrtg can be used together with rrdtool (instead of
rateup, cf. rrdtool/contrib/14all but look for actual version of 14all.cgi).
To generate the 4 hour graph you just need to add some lines to 14all.cgi.
If your interested I can tell you how to change the cgi (perl, just copy a
few lines).

Bye ... Rainer
Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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