[mrtg] MIBS and Cisco

Isaac isaac at netos.com
Sat Oct 30 01:30:42 MEST 1999

Greetings to all,

We are running MRTG 2.8.8 on a NT 4 box and it runs real good monitoring
our bandwidth.

Lately we have wanted to monitor things like errors, BECNS and FECNS on
our Cisco 2500's.

I have gone and gotten the RFC 1315 MIB from Cisco.  I placed it in a
subdirectory of MRTG called MIBS.

I am loading it with this command:

LoadMIBs: /MIBS/RFC1315.mib

I assume this is correct because I have noticed if there is a syntax
problem in the mrtg.cfg, MRTG will not update our stats.  Is this

So anyhow, I am trying to montior FECNS and BECNS with this command:

Target[]: at

I got the OID's from the MIB.  It doesn't work tho.

Another question is this part here:

Target[]  Is it ok to have a .4 there?  There is no physical
interface '4' on our router (only 2 serial ports and 1 ether) but I
figured I need to put a .4 here in order to monitor another target.

Also, I am just editing the mrtg.cfg file itself and not running
cfgmaker from a command prompt.

Thanks to those that responded to my last question and to those who
(hopefully :) ) respond to this one.


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