[mrtg] Re: Please disregard previous Xylan ATM question.... now have a GETif question..ifNumber???

Henry Steinhauer H1STEINH at hewitt.com
Sat Oct 30 00:14:03 MEST 1999


The ATM interface is one of those two.

Within the ATM circuit - there are lots of other 'interfaces'  so - you
need to dig down into the MIB to see where the ATM is defined.

Good hunting.

here is a sample GETif reg file that I use for the Bay ATM and for a few
other devices.

Once you know the MIB you need, then you can put it into a GEN table in the
Registery and use that to assist with other analysis.


(See attached file: getif2.reg)

From: lfiddler at us.ibm.com on 10/29/99 04:42 PM

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Subject:  [mrtg] Please disregard previous Xylan ATM question.... now have
      a GETif   question..ifNumber???


I have been using GETif on a Windows NT box.  When I put in the ip address
and the parameters pop up, the ifNumber area says 2.  We actually have at
least 48 interfaces up.  I only get information two interfaces and when I
add the correct OIDs to my config file, I get data for just those two
interfaces everything else gets the SNMP NoSuchName erre.  Can someone
explain how to change the ifNumber or is that set somehow.  I am really

Thanks in advance ---

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Madness takes it's toll.... Please have exact change ready.

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